Tapforge has retired! Actually, we're still doing what we do best — just on other entrepreneurial projects. Check them out: Happier.com, KaiZau.com

Our Services

Turning your mobile strategy into reality

iPhone and iPad App Development

We build polished native applications for the best mobile platform in the world. From socially-enabled consumer apps to scalable enterprise utilities, we'll help you bring your company's mobile strategy to life.

  • Geolocation, maps, accelerometer, camera, video, and more
  • Custom animations, gestures, physics simulation
  • Social media integration and game mechanics
  • Custom API development, cloud storage solutions
  • Deploy to the App Store or to privately authorized users

User Experience Design

We believe that, to mobile users, the experience IS the product (just try resizing this window!). Our interaction designers are involved in every stage of the development process, ensuring that your apps are both effective and easy-to-use.

  • User personas, business objective analysis
  • Rapid proof-of-concepts and collaborative wireframing
  • On-device user testing and working prototypes
  • Custom graphics, branding, and identity design

Mobile Strategy and Consulting

Our hybrid experience building branded apps equips our team with battle-tested insights and mobile best practices. Bring us into your planning process to ensure future mobile successes.

  • App Store marketing strategy
  • Mobile opportunities and recommendations
  • Competitor and marketplace analysis
  • Branded partnerships

Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5 Development

We are currently accepting Android, Windows Phone, and mobile web (Phone Gap, Titanium) projects on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in cross-platform options for your project, please let us know.